To read my poems  please click on the topic on the header however some poems don’t fall into clear categories. I have not come up with a better solution to date!

My favourite quote about poetry is from Charles Causley who once said ‘poetry is for everyone not just the chosen few.’

I decided to call myself a beach hut poet as I often curl up in it and write my poems even when most of they have little to do with the sea!

I have had a beach hut for over thirty years, my partner bought it when he lived down here in the 80s.  My mother, sons and grandchildren have used it as a base on day trips, jumping into th4-P1000629e sea, enjoying picnics and fishing from the beach. Soon after my mother died my partner and my partner and I moved down to the South Coast permanently.

A few of these poems have been published,  one in  ‘Compact’ three in ‘Writing  Magazine’ others in various anthologies.

I have been short listed in the Bridport Prize, long listed in a pamphlet competition. won first prize in a local competition judged by New Writing South.

At a certain age and stage trying to get published by a small press was taking forever! I gave up and decided to self publish.

My first collection of poems is called ‘Don’t Throw Away the Daisies’ and the second ‘The Puppeteer’s Daughter’ They are both available at City Books in Hove at the Open Art Cafe in Rottingdean and online.

I have read poems by invitation at the Troubadour Coffee HouseThe Talking Peace Festival in London and at various Poetry School events including one at Lumen.   I been included in open mics at ‘Pighog’ in Brighton.

I have been supported by The Poetry School three times to be a poet in residence for  as part of London’s Open Square Weekend. The first two years in Postman’s Part and this year in Earls Court Square.

Thank you for your patience, enjoy the poems. I add poems to the sight quite literally when I get time. Ann


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