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Yellow lifts my spirit what colour does that for you? Time to think about planting seeds will it be flowers, veg? Beans come in a wide variety of colours! What is your earliest memory of a garden? Who was there?. … Continue reading

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The heat sucked life out of her body her skin felt strangely numb heartbeat quickening lungs full of heavy heat. Eyes strain a desperate need to keep focused as her whole body succumbed to fatigue. So this is India. Can … Continue reading

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The Northern Line

Watery blue pools of eyes shone with childlike intensity. A woollen hat, with knitted brim ensured a certain dignity. Trousers secured with knotted tie, but shoes polished to perfection! A simple backdrop to life’s little drama. Bony hands brushed his … Continue reading

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Eating Apricots in France

for Jean and Mado Under the sun umbrella on the terrace old friends meet. Watching the mist on mountains listening to the call of the cowman urging his herd to milking. Eating apricots, sipping wine, a gentle informality, born of … Continue reading

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In hospital

Tortured burbling comforted into silence, they say she’s pretty. She’d lived in France near the Somme vast experience there for the talking.

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I wish

Poem for children – Carol Ann Duffy said children will love it  – will they ever see it? My dad works in the circus And when we go to school He shows me lots of circus tricks, He likes to play … Continue reading

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Where a solitary seagull flew, hopeful of an unexpected catch, an old man moved along the deserted seashore, glancing skywards, as if to ward off new invaders. He kept his gaze low, pausing then pouncing, hands sifting piles of slippery … Continue reading

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