Anon–written in Postman’s Park

Knock’ Knock’ whose there?
Leigh, Walter, Amelia and others
who were like you and me
before they got caught in a moment
that changed them into heroes.
Now remembered with awe and
thanksgiving in the serene
green of London.



Robin Rowles in Postman’s Park

On grief and disappointment’
My eyes shall weep a sea of
tears to wash away my pain.
I will mourn at the dawn
at noon and the rising of the moon.
But this will pass. I will accept
my lot and will be whole again.

Robin assures me that he didn’t feel like this currently. This reminded me that poetry is about language and ideas and does not have to be true!

Sue Hunt – Haiku

The red tulips glow                                                                                                                               parents garden long ago                                                                                                                         happy memories.